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You know, there are a few things that make a fly fishing trip better than catching the fish. Number one in my book is laughing and having a good time. That’s how I would describe Galen. He’s fun. Number two, you need a guide who knows the waters and provides you the best opportunity to catch fish and it’s always nice if you guide provides you with great equipment – drift boat, waders , fly rods and flies – and that’s Galen too. I have fished with many guides across the US – from the Keys to Jackson Hole, WY. I’ve been guided on the tailwaters of Arkansas to the flats of the New Orleans marsh and with out question, Galen is at the top of my favorites.

Give him a call and you’ll not only have a great fishing experience, but most likely find a new friend.
— Ben Ragsdale, “Dirty Water Social Club” March 7, 2015
I have fished with you three times and your knowledge and professionalism is on par with what I get with the guides on the Missouri River in Montana and other world class Western trout waters. The float trip you provide is not Bubba bass fishing. It is a much higher form of fishing, and your knowledge of the rivers fished, the quality and quantity of the fish species, and the opportunity to fly fish for trout and smallmouth bass from a drift boat is not available in many places in the Southeast. Two thumbs up.
— Butch Barnhill - March 20, 2015
I have been fishing with Galen on a regular basis for the last 5-6 years. Last year, I fished six different days with him as my guide, on three different rivers in North Carolina and Tennessee, under a variety of weather and water conditions. He is simply a great fishing guide and individual, a real pleasure to be with on the water.
Galen is extremely knowledgeable, versatile, and patient. I am a better fisherman from the time I have spent with him.
— Jim Linkenauger - March 14, 2015
I was originally referred to Galen when my guide from Asheville moved to Montana last year. Before he left, I asked him who was the “best” guide he knew, and he said Galen Kipar. My experience with Galen has certainly confirmed that. He is incredibly knowledgeable, makes you really comfortable, and extremely hard working. He wants you to succeed. When I brought an inexperienced friend with me once, he was incredibly patient and worked very hard with him. My friend had one of the best times in his life. I have nothing but good things to say about Galen’s knowledge, his interpersonal skills, his work ethic, and his willingness to teach. I recommend him completely.
— - Wesley Grigsby - April 28, 2015
The Asheville Fly Fishing Company provides an experience you soon won’t forget. Galen is an excellent guide who provides top notch services, education and experiences! We spent the entire day floating, fishing and submersing ourselves into the wonder of nature. Luke and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Thank you for all you do!
— Tracy Hunter - July 30, 2015
Our expert fly fisherman guide Knox was simply excellent. Highly recommend him. Fantastic all around!
— La Detra White - August 28, 2015
Had a blast on Friday guys, perfect beginning to my bachelor party weekend. We are turning this into an annual trip for sure.
— Sean McHenry - October 4, 2015
Galen is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, responsive, detailed and passionate about sharing his love of fishing with his clients. I booked a trip for my father, a highly experienced fly fisherman, and husband, who had only tried fly fishing once before, around September/October of 2015. The fact that Galen was able to provide two people with such different backgrounds in fly fishing an enjoyable experience on one trip confirms that his level of enthusiasm and patience threshold are quite high. Nearly four months later (yesterday), Galen emailed me his predictions for the best fishing in 2016 and asked me to pass the information on to my father so he can plan his next fishing trip to Asheville. This kind of personal, non mass generated email follow up is what earned Galen the 5th star from me. If you want the best fly fishing experience possible in North Carolina, Asheville Fly Fishing Company is it!
— Katie Thompson - January 27, 2016
What an incredible fishing adventure my husband and son had with Galen! I am a natural skeptic. I am a champion hovermom and a protective wife. Before I let them embark, i peppered Galen with questions about safety and his experience. I am so thankful that they selected Galen for their adventure! We have incredible photos worthy of framing and unbelievable memories.
— Michael Polito - March 7, 2016
My husband and I recently fished with Galen Kipar for two days, one in a drift boat for trout, and another in his raft, for small mouth bass. From our initial contact by email, to returning us to our hotel, Galen was attentive, professional, knowledgeable, patient and fun to be with. He did everything possible to assure that we had the gear we needed, food and drinks, and plenty of opportunity to catch fish. His knowledge of the area in general and the waterways in particular, was impressive. He even provided us with detailed information about DIY wade fishing in the area and recommended flies, so we could continue fishing after our 2 days with him. We highly recommend Asheville Fly Fishing Company and Galen Kipar. Because of Galen, we had a fantastic trip!!
— Anne Boulier - May 22, 2016
Thanks for a great day on the river! My husband, an ‘expert’ fisherman, and I had a great time. It was only my second fishing experience in recent years so thanks for being patient and informative and working hard to help me learn. You found us some good spots to catch some fish. Lunch on the bank was tasty and we appreciated the effort of setting up the table and chairs! All in all a beautiful day on the French Broad River catching some small mouth bass. Thanks again!
— Donna Andre - Baton Rouge, LA - June 22, 2016
Galen, After chasing larger game fish though out my fishing career i got to say throwing the fly rod was a most humbling experience and one I truly enjoyed. You were awesome and cooked up some mean BBQ for lunch! We went to 12 Bones the next day and got some take out and of course pulled across the tracks for some awesome brews! Again I cant thank you enough for the experience and look forward to another day on the river with you!
— William Pope - July 1, 2016
Great time fishing with a great guide! Thanks a lot!!
— Coker Day - July 11, 2016
Great day with a great guide...... Hope to be back soon..... Caddis hatch next!!
— John Kim - July 22, 2016
My 8-year-old son and I had a great time in tough conditions (late July, drought) fishing with Galen. We landed a doz...
— Jeremy Williams - Jul 27, 2016
Great guides and good times! Learned a lot on the river and the lunch was awesome. If/when we head back up your way for fishing we will definitely be calling you.
— Bob Swanson - October 22, 2016
My wife and I went on a smallmouth bass fishing trip with Anthony as our guide on the French Broad River. It happened on October 20, 2016. We used spin cast tackle and Anthony really worked hard to put us on the fish!!! We had a lot of bites and landed a lot of fish!!! It was a fantastic time and we would highly recommend this company to anyone who wanted a fantastic fishing experience!!! We are definetly going to do this again!!! Great job Asheville Fishing Company!!!
— Tim Hemleben - October 23, 2016
Much thanks for a great day on the water!
Though many long faces around due to the fact that the fish had decided to take a day off, your patient guide put me on some active feeders. Worked hard and kept changing it up until we had several successful hook-ups.
Top catch was a really nice Brown.
Look forward to fishing with you again.
— Britt McMaster - January 11, 2017
My son and I fished with Galen on the Watauga River in east Tennessee and had a great time. Galen met and exceeded all expectations, supplying all equipment and flies (many flies), and lunch. Galen stayed on the river as long as we wanted and earned every cent of his rate. He did his best to get us on fish, the only hitch was our part of the equation - hooking and landing those fish! We did manage to land a near fish of a lifetime, a 21” absolutely beautiful rainbow pushing 8+ pounds - a real blast to see! Hoping for a repeat in the future...
— Phil Shipley - Mar 26, 2017
Galen has guided me on fly fishing trips on the French Broad, South Holston, and Nolichucky rivers for small mouth and trout. I have taken guided fishing trips on Long Island Sound, the Carolina coast, Boone NC, Georgia, Florida, and Belize, as comparison. Galen’s knowledge of fish and of the waters he guides on is exceptional. He has his eye on the water constantly, when he is not offering advice or help to his charges. I have always found him to be prompt, courteous, and ready to fish. I would recommend him without hesitation as an exceptional guide.
— Jim Gagne - April 5, 2017
Grad Slam on one of the coldest days of the year! Guides were patient and even brought extra gear to keep us warm. Excellent photos and memories. Our guide, Zane, was quick to spot fish and get us in the right spots with just the right flies. We did a half day walking trip and were able to get to Asheville in time for a warm lunch.
— Jarrod Payne - Apr 16, 2017
I had two great days on the Laurel with Zane in May. Fishing was good. Zane knew where to find the fish, that’s for sure. Even on a muddy day after rain. Hats off to him!
— Pamela Simons - May 17, 2017
I took my son on a 2 day trip (trout and smallmouth). Before we began, I had quietly asked a Galen to focus his attention on my son. Galan was terrific. He patiently and happily encouraged and taught him all of the fundamentals of fly fishing. My son thoroughly enjoyed the trip! Galan is a wonderful guide. And we caught over 60 fish!!!
— Bruce Edwards - May 19, 2017
Everyone in our bachelor party had a great time! The guides were very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient with a large group of beginners. I will definitely be using AshevilleFlyFishingCompany when I am in the area again!
— Mark Pridgen - Jun 3, 2017
My brother and I snagged a trip with this company. Initially, my brother was in communication with the owner, Galen (spelling). Galen was very responsive and thorough. The morning of the trip, my brother and I arrived at the designated meeting place (on time). Galen was already there . We hopped in and away we went. When we arrived at the boat launch, we quickly set sail. Galen had all of the gear and tackle ready to go. We did an all day drift (approximately five miles). Lunch was provided. We ate on the river bank. We did catch some trout. Rainbows and browns were caught. Aside from catching the fish, the environment was so peaceful. It was a little slice of utopia. Galen was super knowledgeable on the art of fly fishing. His advice and pointers generated much success. He was very intentional with us, but with a gentle approach. Obviously, one can find other outfitters in the Asheville area, but this outfitter did their part. If a trip is to happen again for us, without question, we’ll give our money to them. We all had a memorable time. They receive an A plus in our book. Job well done!
— Thomas Bailey - July 10, 2017
A nephew and I just fished the Watauga with Galen on a perfect day. We caught trout all day long and got back in time for an afternoon pleasure float on the French Broad. He was a good instructor, masterful oarsman, and knows the flies, the holding areas for fish small and large, and a pleasure to be with. Highly recommend!
— Cary Jackson - August 8, 2017
We scheduled a full day float trip with Galen. My buddy is a fairly experienced fly fisher and it was my first time. Galen was organized, attentive and provided just the right amount of instruction. He takes his craft seriously and provided incredible detail on the local waters, insects, fish and weather, all of which ensured a productive trip. I’ve used several guides in the past, all for salt water fishing, but Galen created the best experience yet.
— Christian Hertenstein - August 14, 2017
Had a blast!!! Galen was very patient with me and my wife. Constantly retying knots when snagging on trees and rocks. I caught my first brown trout, which was a very good size, and my wife caught a monster rainbow trout. The price is fair, and not only do you catch fish, you learn tips and tricks to use the next time. Galen gives wildlife the upmost respect, and admires the beauty in the fish, which makes him easier to relate to! I definitely plan on coming back to add brook trout to my list of caught species!
— Jon Downing - September 10, 2017
Another great day of fishing with Galen ! Can’t say enough good things about him as a guide! He is well organized, punctual, works hard for his clients and delivers well. Galen is a great teacher as well for those who are new to fly fishing! He always goes the extra mile to make sure his clients have the best experience possible.
— Tom & Joann VanHyning - October 12, 2017
My husband and I went on a full day float and had a great experience. Galen is a very skilled guide and a patient teacher. It is very clear that he is a true professional and not just a hobby fisherman who just decided to try guiding. The spot he brought us was beautiful and full of fish. Looking forward to going on another trip!
— Brooke Denney - January 12, 2018
My wife and I spent a day on the river with Galen in March. We had a great time and would definitely use Galen again in the future. He was prompt and very helpful leading up to the trip and a great guide on the water. He got us into lots of nice fish and was very helpful guiding us through fly fishing techniques and skills. My wife, who is a beginner, netted several nice fish throughout the day largely in part to Galen’s guidance. Overall we had a great experience and I would highly recommend Asheville Fly Fishing Company in the future to any prospective anglers looking for a great fishing experience.
— Zachary Pfiffner - March 26, 2018
Galen took myself and my ten year old down the Watauga river in Tennessee. It was a great time. Galen is a true professional in the Art of flyfishing and I appreciated his patience and knowledge on our trip. We will be back next year.
— Thomas Lavin - April 7, 2018
As a father of two boys (11 and 13) on a family vacation, I was looking for a bit of fun, a diversion from screens and school into nature. What I got was so much more. Knox was not just a great guide, but a great person. Kind, calmly energetic, and knowledgeable, he took the time to see how each of us three novices learned and spent time teaching us accordingly. More importantly, knowing we were a family just learning, knowing there were two brothers, he took us to the spots he and his brother learned. That type of personal connection created a depth to our experience more akin to an ocean than a river. And by the afternoon, thanks in large part to Knox, we realized we’d been caught in a new passion that we could enjoy together for years to come. As we pulled away from the parking lot at the end of our day on the river with Knox, my oldest said, “I’d rather be on the river than playing video games.” I don’t think landing a state record trout could feel any better than that.
— Jay B. Naples, FL - April 9, 2018
Myself and two friends booked a full day wade trip through Asheville Fly Fishing Company. My two friends had never been fly fishing before and I had only gone a couple times so we didn’t quite know what to expect. We were hoping to learn a little bit, and catch a few fish, and generally have a good time on the river. What we got blew our expectations out of the water. Rand (our guide) was a lot of fun to work with and gave each of us tons of personal attention educating us on what we were doing and why we were doing it that way. By the end of the day we had caught over 30 trout with a variety of techniques and in a variety of locations. Using the lessons from Rand and suggestions from Galen I was even able to go out a couple days later and catch more fish on my own. If you are looking for a fly fishing guide I could not recommend this company enough.
— Daniel Green - April 10, 2018
Terrific professional guide service in Asheville area

My work has taken me to many places and guides where I’ve been able to fish but this one’s close to Charleston. I prize the rivers for their “Montana” feel and I love floating for Smallmouth with poppers. I’ve fished with Galen and two of his guides and his pre-trip communication and planning is exceptional. Everyone knows what’s happening, everyone shows up on time, food’s great and the day is always fun. I frequently have invited friends to come along and never a disappointment. Very professional, great fishing, well respected. Proud to recommend.
— Gary Visser - May 16, 2018
Spent the day on the South Holston River with our guide, Galen Kipar. Could not have asked for a more friendly, helpful and hard working guide. Will definitely use again.
— Arnie Goldstein - May 30, 2018
Always a great trip!

We just got back from our third and fourth Smallmouth trips using Asheville Fly Fishing Company as the guide service. As has been our previous experience, the trips were great! Excellent fishing, service, and attention to detail.
They are constantly monitoring the weather, water conditions, and fishing reports...all in an effort to choose the best locations that give us the best opportunity to catch fish.
We’ve fished multiple time in Mexico, Florida, South Carolina and other places. It is safe to say that Galen, Anthony, Rand and the whole outfit are second to none.
— David Lewis - June 22, 2018
Great time on float trip

Wonderful time with our excellent guide Galen who was not only extremely hospitable but also extremely knowledgeable and an expert at his craft. Our all day float trip down was not only scenic and enjoyable but productive from a fishing perspective. We will be back to fish with Galen again, and also telling anyone looking for a great day fly fishing in the area to do the same.
— James Flavel - July 3, 2018
My father-in-law and I were looking to get better acquainted with the fishing around Asheville and begin the process of learning how to fly fish. Through a bit of reasearch we stumbled upon Asheville Fly Fishing company. After a brief conversation with Galen I felt confident that this was the best guide company for us.
I couldn’t have been more correct. We were greeted by Rand, our guide, at the launch point and over the next 6 hours enjoyed great fishing, instruction and conversation.
It was a wonderful experience and I’ll be back with Galen and Rand to experience more of the great rivers in the area and have a great time doing so.
I highly recommend Asheville Fly Fishing to anyone looking for a great experience!
— Colin Novelli - July 20, 2018
BEST small mouth bass day on French Broad

I had the best day fishing with Rand on the French Broad last week. Water clarity helped and we fished streamers, poppers, and gamechangers out of the boat and by wet wading. Best catch was a 19’’ small mouth bass and it fought hard! So much fun! I highly recommend this outfit to take you out. I am happy I followed their recommendation to fish for small mouth bass as they fight HARD, much harder than wimpy stocked trout. Rand put me on the fish and we had an awesome lunch midday catered to what I wanted to eat. Again, professional, personable, and FUN. Thank you AFFC!
— Laurie DeVegter - July 25, 2018
My son and I fished with Galen on the Watauga River as a backup plan when the Smallmouth rivers were blown out. From the initial contact until the end of the fishing day Galen was the consummate professional. He provided a great day on the water, sharing knowledge, instruction and encouragement. And most of all patience with a nine year old boy that terrorized the local flora with different lures before catching a 19” rainbow that he is still talking about. I intend to fish with Galen again and would highly recommend him to anyone else.
— David Mclaren - August 1, 2018
Can’t say enough about my day on the water with Rand. He knew what I was after and we made it happen!
— Tess Weigand - August 13, 2018
Galen of Asheville fly fishing company is one of the best guides around. He is a professional and a pleasure to spend time with. Spent a day on the Watauga and South Holston in TN fishing for trout in August and had a great time. He even gave us advice on where to fish even when we weren’t with him on the boat as we wanted to do some wading as well. Very knowledgeable and flexible. He is a class act, will definitely be back with him again in the future.
— Devon Cole - August 19, 2018
Had a great time on the water with guide Anthony Esposito. I am from the East and the float was a great experience . I will go again when I visit the area. Thank you
— Jim DePasquale - August 20, 2019
Had a great time fly fishing with Galen. He knows his stuff, and is a great teacher. You’re sure to have a great time: amazing scenery, fresh mountain air, the thrill of fly fishing, and a chance to learn a new skill. Highly recommended.
— David Zilber - August 23, 2018
I went with Anthony small mouth bass fishing July 4th weekend. I had a wonderful time and would book again.
— David Benglis - September 2, 2018
We had an incredible day of fly fishing on the Watauga with Galen today. He was a great guide and made the day a lot of fun. My boyfriend booked the trip for my birthday present and we caught 23 trout!
— Sandy Northcott Pratt - September 14, 2018
We had an unbelievable time. Galen was very professional and laid back. He was very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend booking a trip. It was such a great experience. Where else could you catch two fish on one cast??
— Seth Hinrichs - September 25, 2018
Wow. Top notch guides, very knowledgeable, engaged and experienced. A truly wonderful experience that really showcased the environment. I have never been much of a fisherman but under their expert guidance I managed to catch fish! The lunch provided was also delicious. I had one of the best days I have had outdoors in a long, long time.
— Bob Shreve - October 24, 2018
Had the pleasure to fish with Galen last Friday. Faced with some heavy rains prior to our fishing trip I was worried if we would get on the water at all. But Galen had the resources and options of rivers to find us some good water. The fishing was excellent with Galen supplying the rods and gear. He helped my brother, who is new to fly fishing, get in the swing of things and catch plenty of fish. Would highly recommend Asheville fly fishing company to anyone looking for a first class day of fishing in the area.
— Louis Bosquet - October 25, 2018
Went on a full day float trip with my brother. Galen was our guide and was very professional! Top notch gear was provided along with a great luncheon. We had a great time catching rainbow and brown trout! Highly recommend the float trips!
— Carter Bosquet - October 26, 2018
Took a trip down the Watauga with Anthony and it was like fishing with another one of our buddies (while still maintaining a professional demeanor). We nymph fished and fished streamers, and he even made the best of the trip with the first half of the day in the rain. Such an enthusiastic easy to talk to charter guide! 100% recommended!
— TJ Laughlin - October 25, 2018
Went out with Ryan. Awesome guide. Got us on fish within 20 minutes of hitting the river. Super informative and accommodating. The company was very professional and got everything done for us last minute and they made sure we were satisfied. I highly recommend them. Customer service is how you expect a doctor’s office to be run...precise, prompt and professional. I’ll use them again on my next visit.
— Jason Shlansky - October 30, 2018
Consistent Professional Excellence
Recently took a trip with Galen and Asheville fly fishing co. I did the float trip down the watauga river fishing for rainbow and brown trout...he knew where the fish were and put me on top of them..I had fly fished a few other times but my sub par technique had faded from memory ...Galen showed me how to correctly cast and by the end of the day I felt as if I had been fishing for years... I plan on coming back for years to come and when I do I will only call these guys ...they do it right .. many thanks to them for the wonderful day
— Darrell Neeley - October 30, 2018
The Ultimate Professional and Coach... I am so impressed with Galen and his company, The Asheville Fly Fishing Co. When my best friend invited me for a day of fly fishing, I was skeptical because I had heard that fly fishing was so difficult. Well, let me tell you that my friend and I, under the coaching of Galen, caught several rainbow and brown trout. He was patient while teaching two novices the ropes on fly fishing and educated us on many aspect of the sport. The scenery was picture perfect and overall our day was so fantastic I can’t wait to go and fly fish again. Thank you Galen! You made it a most memorable day!
— Laura Wood, Publisher of NW Georgia Living magazine - October 31, 2018
Over the past few years, my buddy and I have been out with Asheville Fly Fishing Company on a number of trips for both trout and smallmouth bass. Those trips have always been about optimizing the quality of our experience. Asheville Fly Fishing Company obviously can’t control whether we catch fish or not but I’ve always felt that we’ve been given the best opportunities to find fish and enjoy ourselves, regardless of the weather or whether or not the fish were biting. I personally have learned a lot about fly fishing and have become a better fisherman as a result of my experiences. For anyone seeking a great fishing experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Asheville Fly Fishing Company.
— Ron Nakamoto - November 18, 2018



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