Wild Trout Waters

Western North Carolina and East Tennessee wild trout streams are often tight allies lined with rhododendron and granite boulder gardens. The Appalachian Mountains near Asheville are rich with vegetation and high elevation spring creeks that sustain a wild brook trout population with occasional rainbow and brown trout that were once stocked, but managed to reproduce and find their way. A fly fisherman could easily spend 10 years exploring WNC’s waters and not hit the same spot twice. We have our favorite stretches and to each their own. It’s a place where an angler can find or forget themself. Our Backcountry Wild Trout Trips target these waters and fish best from March to November.

Pisgah National Forest has thousands of miles of designated trout water and is full of small cold-water trout streams. It’s a playground for any fly fishing angler seeking trout on foot. It’s a place to find solitude and nothing but the sounds of water falling over itself. Fog sits below in the valleys outside the car window on the morning drives. The Blue Ridge Parkway meanders on the ridgelines and offers great access to many waters.