Land of the Giants Fly Fishing - Southwest Montana

Fishing the Land of the Giants,

Missouri River

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I was lucky enough to experience a section of the Missouri River a few years ago called the L.O.G. (Land of the Giants).  I am not sure if that name refers to the fish or the rock cliffs, but both fit the name accordingly.  Some places are so epic that a picture can never do it justice and this is that place.  This is a must see in person and an experience that is not soon forgotten. I have been with guide services all over the country and the team at Sunrise Fly Shop is among the best in the industry.  As a guide and owner of Asheville Fly Fishing Company in Asheville NC, I know what it takes to run a professional service.  Every time I've fished with them it has been impressive to watch this team operate.  They have exceeded my expectations on personal and hosted trips I've led.  If you go, I recommend using Sunrise Fly Shop's guides and fishing the Bighole River and Beaverhead River in addition to the Land of the Giants.  


Just outside of Helena, this three mile section of the Missouri River starts at the base of the Hauser Reservoir dam and flows to Upper Holter Lake. Flowing through a beautiful canyon with steep walls, there is limited access to this section of river, keeping the fishing pressure low on these huge, well fed fish.

To reach the Land of the Giants, it is necessary to take a jet boat across Upper Holter Lake and up to Hauser Reservoir, where we turn off the motor, break out the oars and drift downriver. If any hole or run is producing well, your captain Lee Coyle will motor back up to the top of the run and fish it again to maximize opportunities to catch that monster rainbow or brown of your dreams. This stretch of the Missouri is big water, so most of the fishing is done from the boat.

As a tailwater with a bottom release dam, the fish on this stretch of the Missouri River have access to consistent water temperatures and a highly nutrient rich environment. They are free to move between the lake and the river, both during spawning season to lay their eggs, and to follow the food that enables them to get so big and stay so healthy. Having a customized jet boat designed for this specific water enables us to stay on the fish throughout the day.