Fly Fishing the Watauga River for wild Trophy Brown Trout

Every year between mid - March & mid - April the Black Caddis emerge in great numbers on the Watauga River in East Tennessee.  On a good day, the bugs are so thick they appear as fog on the water from a distance.  Barn Swallows dive bomb the fog of bugs from above and wild trophy brown trout noses break the surface, charging them from below.  This event offers excellent sight fishing using dry flies.  Browns upward of 20" are common.  On a bad day the browns are flying out of the water chasing the emergers before they reach the surface.  In this situation, skating a size 12 caddis dry on the swing with a size 16 caddis emerger is an effective tactic that has worked well for us.  Check out the quick video below for a glimpse at one of our favorite emerging patterns. 

Looking to catch the hatch? 

Contact us for daily updates, fishing report or to book a trip.  The hatch isn't far off and we still have a few slots available.  Call for availability. 

Asheville Fly Fishing Company offers professional guided full day float trips targeting the black caddis hatch on the Watauga River in East Tennessee.  Trips are all inclusive and come with lunch, drinks and digital pictures of your trip.   Lodging & Transportation are available upon request.

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We welcome anglers of all experience levels and enjoy helping our clients develop their fly fishing skills.  For more advanced thrill-seeking anglers, we can provide you with the most challenging yet rewarding fly fishing you will experience.

All guides are CPR / First Aid Certified and Fully Insured.

We value long-lasting relationships with our guests and enjoy sharing memorable days on the water.  We are professional, hard-working guides who love bringing people to the finest waters this area has to offer.