Tailwater Roundup - Watauga River Clean up

We had a great day cleaning up the Watauga River in Elizabethton, TN this past weekend as part of the Tailwater Roundup.  Guides and community members traveled up to 70 miles to help out.  On the Watauga, we had around 15 boats and 40 individuals on foot picking up trash on the banks, pulling tires, vacuum cleaners, baskets, kids toys, trash cans, DOT cones and building materials out of the river.  It is a shame waterways are still a dumping ground.  It is awesome that so many people came together for some spring cleaning on two of our favorite rivers, the South Holston River and Watauga River.   They are cleaner than they were and beautiful as always!  Ready for a great season! 

One exciting thing we found came at the end of the day after we finished transferring the trash from the boat into the dumpster.  The tarp in the back of the boat was holding all the aquatic life that was living in the trash and tires.  Behold, a Crayfish eating a Caddis Larva.(see picture).